Glennon Doyle Melton is a famous novelist, speaker, and activist from the United States, born on March 20, 1976. Furthermore, She is the New York Post writer of best-selling books Love Warrior, Carry On, etc.

She has created an online Community Momastery. Aside from that, Melton is the president and founder of the non-profit Together Rising. Doyle was one of Fast Company Queer 50 lists in 2021.

Tish Melton is a singer who is known as Glennon Doyle’s daughter. Tish was with Glennon’s ex-husband, Craig Melton, a former soccer player she had been married to for 14 years.

She was born in February 2006. Although Doyle is the main attention whenever the media focuses on her family, a few other people have managed to take the limelight from her in several instances.

Tish Melton’s Parent’s History

Tish Melton was born in February of 2006. Furthermore, Her father, Craig Melton, is a team member at Advanced Sales and a former soccer player. They kept their daughter’s name in their mother’s name.

On July 4, 2001, Tish’s father met her mother, Glennon, at an all-day bar crawl in Washington, DC. Furthermore, They spent their night together drinking and drugging.

Glennon became pregnant soon after, but she decided to abort the pregnancy. She chose to have it this time, and then she married Craig. They married quietly in the presence of a few friends and family.

Following their marriage, they had three children, one of them was Tish. Following Doyle’s coming out, Melton and the Untamed writer ended their marriage mid-2016 due to many misunderstandings.

In February 2016, Glennon began dating Abby Wambach, a celebrity soccer player, Olympian, activist, and author. Furthermore, They married in May of 2017 and are spending a lavish lifestyle.

Glennon Doyle reveals how Taylor Swift influenced her daughter

On Wednesday, December 16, Glennon detailed the entire experience in an Instagram post. “I always knew Tish was an artist,” Tish listened to Taylor Swift’s songs every night before sleeping.

“I realized she wasn’t silent anymore soon after,” Glennon recounted. “She was singing along,” says the narrator. Her daughter began to play with Abby’s guitar after a time.

“At start, it was only a few chords,” Glennon explained. “Trying different things. I’m looking for Taylor in that guitar.” She continued in her efforts and practiced every day.

“I’d soon find her on the edge of her bed, pages of music spread out in front of her, hair pushed back from her face, instrument on her lap,” Tish appears to be continuing to make her songs as well.

Furthermore, Glennon explained her compositions. Our home is becoming increasingly crowded. In Addition, Tish was interested in musical arts since her childhood.

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