Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, popularly known as X, is an American hip-hop musician and environmental activist.

Martinez served as the youth director of Earth Guardians, a global environmental group, until 2019.

The environmental activist Early Life

Martinez was born Xuihtezcati Roske-Martinez in Colorado on May 9, 2000, and transferred to Mexico as a child. He began his career as a rapper after finishing his formal schooling in his early years. He is still focusing on his career to make his work better.

His mother, Tamara Roske, and father, Siri Martinez, gave birth to the Hip-Hop Musician. Her mother was one of the Earth Guardian Resource Center’s other organizers, and his father is of Aztec ancestry.

Tonantzin, Xiuhtezcatl’s younger sister, and Itzcuauhtli, Xiuhtezcatl’s younger brother. He has a small family but lives a beautiful and happy life with a joint family.

Roske-Martinez Relationship Status

He should have a large fan base as a musician and an environmental campaigner, which he does. His female fan base should be doing well as well.

However, he only has female followers, as his relationship history is still unavailable on the internet. But, He may be in a relationship with someone in his private space, which is mysterious to the public.

Those aware of Martinez’s presence are aware of his activism abilities. But he may be just as excellent as a lover. As a world-famous star, Martinez should have a wonderful love life with his partner.

However, Martinez is now single, much to everyone’s astonishment by analyzing his activity and social profiles.

Instead of courting a lovely lady, Earth Guardians’ youth director is preoccupied with his concerns. He has a lot on his plate as a musician. In addition, as an activist, he must plan his schedule correctly.

He has never disappointed his fan followings by doing wrong things.

X’s Sacrifice on Environmental Activity

President Barack Obama presented Martinez with the United States Volunteer Service Award. Martinez provided three TED presentations as a teenager.

Then, He was scheduled to participate in climate issues at the United Nations, and he was always active in these types of work.

Martinez supported Bernie Sanders for President in an op-ed in TeenVogue in April 2019, writing, “I believe Bernie Sanders has our back on climate change.

” Then, He talked with Sanders in a town hall event titled “Solving the Climate Crisis” in December 2018. He made a good appearance between him and the public with his works.

Roske-Martinez has brought attention to specific environmental challenges pertinent to his state and faces the entire country through his music.

Also, He directed the CD at today’s youngsters in the hopes of propagating their ecological message to the next generation. His attention to environmental issues attracted the attention of the public.

Siri’s Career and Net Worth

Xiuhtezcatl created a musical trio with his brother and sister. Generation Ryse, their debut album, was released in August 2014 and featured environmental hip-hop tunes such as “What the Frack” and “Speak for the Trees.”

He used to make the words of the public and environment in his song, which impressed everyone.

Moreover, The Academy honored Martinez with a Generation Change Award at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2018.

Also, He’s addressed big crowds on the impact of fossil fuels on indigenous and other oppressed peoples. He had won many medals as an activist for his sacrifice of the environment.

The Hip-Hop artist has spoken at the United Nations on multiple occasions.

Furthermore, He rose to prominence after making a speech in English, Spanish, and Nahuatl before the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. He was a good speaker and has done the things the public wanted.

Itzcuauhtli’s elder brother helps young environmental activists in communities worldwide. Then the media frequently covered his art in the media. He has made a net worth of $5 million with his good works and music.

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Tamara Roske Mother
Siri Martinez Father
Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez Brother
Tonantzin Roske-Martinez Sister