Zuleika Bronson, the youngest daughter of legendary actor Charles Bronson. Moreover, Charles starred in different movies as a gunfighter, police officer, and vigilante.

In addition, the celebrity child came to the spotlight as a celebrity child of the actor.

Relationship Of Zuleika Bronson

Talking about the relationship of Zuleika, she is currently single. Unlike most celebrities, she loves to stay silent regarding her matters and relationship.

She hasn’t planned for marriage yet. She also hasn’t had an affair with any boys or men until now. There haven’t been any rumors and controversies regarding her relationships and personal matters.

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Zuleika Bronson with her parents
Zuleika Bronson with her parents
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Her mother, Jill Ireland, was an actress and singer. She married David McCallum, and after giving birth to her three children, she later divorced him and married the actor Charles Bronson.

Charles and Jill met each other in 1962. Soon at the age of 54, she passed away because of breast cancer. However, Charles survived for 81 years.

Unfortunately, he suffered from Alzheimer’s and left the world due to pneumonia.

Net Worth Of Zuleika Bronson

We are still reviewing the net worth of Zuleika Bronson. As per the celebritynetworth, the net worth of Charles Bronson before he passed away was $65million.

When he died, his surviving wife received a wealth of $1.6 million and an $8 million Malibu mansion. Further, his children received a $5 million Vermont beach house and a $5 million Bel Air mansion.

Zuleika Bronson
Zuleika Bronson
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It is reported that Zuleika received twice of her step-mother and her siblings did. Analyzing everything, the celebrity daughter of Charles has at least $5 million, which she received from her father.

She could probably have been investing in different ventures or shares, but we are not that sure about it. We are still reviewing the net worth and financial information of Bronson.

Charles Bronson’s Daughter, Zuleika Bronson

Zuleika Bronson was born in the United States of America in 1972. In addition, she was born to Charles Bronson(father) and Jill Ireland (mother).

She has six siblings- Katrina Bronson, Tony Bronson, Suzanne Bronson, Val McCallum, Paul McCallum, and Jason McCallum.

Furthermore, she is an avid pet lover. Her mom Jil trained her to ride the horse on their farm. Her parents were so impressed with her ride that they gifted the farmhouse to her and named it Zuleika farm.

Zuleika Bronson with Charles Bronson
Zuleika Bronson with Charles Bronson
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Bronson’s named that farm to Zuleika as he was impressed with Zuleika’s interest in horses. The farm her father gifted her is now known as Zuleika Farm.

As per some sources, it is reported that the celebrity child has been into modeling.

As Charles maintains a low profile on social media, she hasn’t revealed much information about her personal and professional matters.

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