American theater actor Elliot Kingsley is best recognized as the stepson of John Michael Osbourne. He is popular because his father is an English Songwriter and Singer Ozzy Osbourne. Also, the role of the performer in plays and entertainment in theater reached the height of popularity.

But, Do we know the theater entertainer well enough? So to gather some precious and basic information about 55 years, old theater entertainers, covering required parts of his marital status, carrier, net worth, and ups and downs. We present you the details in brief ahead.

Who Is Elliot Kingsley’s Mother?

Thelma Riley is the mother of a theater entertainer who was born in 1966 in the USA. Therefore, He is American and belongs to the white ethnicity. At present days, Elliot Kingsley has maintained body shape and size. Despite his height and weight are not revealed yet, the actor is a handsome personality with stylish moments. He has black curly hair with the same colored eyes.

Kingsley's parents Thelma Riley And John Michael Osbourne
Kingsley’s parents Thelma Riley And John Michael Osbourne
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As the famous actor got fame because of his stepfather, he mostly shows himself in the media with or without his father. The talented actor is available on Twitter.

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Kingsley might be a married guy with children as he is in his mid 50’s already. The rumor is still keeping him single. However, the son of 70’s metal singer loves to keep his personal life secret. He is the great secret keeper in the context of his marital status and his offsprings. There is no doubt there might be many ladies who had a crush on him at their age for sure.

Elliot Kingsley’s Father, Ozzy Osbourne

Elliot Kingsley, the theater entertainer’s name and fame, is his greatest achievement. However, the name is famous because of his step-father Ozzy Osbourne, a great theater entertainer. There’s no doubt, he has achieved the cover of his fame given by his father once. He is now recognized with his own title.

Elliot acting in a play
Elliot acting in a play
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Thelma Riley divorced from the Rockstar Ozzy Osbourne on the agreement with her son because of his behavior. No sooner had they divorced, Ozzy got married to another woman named Sharon, his manager. The marriage took place on 4 July 1982. They again shared three children after that.

Elliot Kingsley’s Net-worth In Millions

Analyzing his profession as a theater entertainer, The famous personality is earning a sufficient amount of money. The salary is calculated around $50 thousand annually in the US. His net worth is $600,000. The assets must be valuable in his lifestyle as the members got the well-paid salaries through their carrier. However, the assets are in the process of being calculated. Sometimes, the aforementioned incomes vary dynamically.

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne
Elliot’s stepfather Ozzy Osbourne

 Despite, the salary and the income of Kingsley are clouded, her mother has revealed her net worth of $600 thousand. She has the net worth earned after she successfully had her carrier esteem strong as a teacher throughout her period. She was a hardworking English Lecturer.

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