Netflix has recently released a new document series, Trial By Media. Well, it examines some of the most dramatic trials in history. The first episode of this show brings back a famous case of Jonathan Schmitz, a murderer. Well, Jonathan killed Scott Amedure, his admirer, because he revealed that he had a crush on Jonathan during the taping of The Jenny Jones.

What Exactly Happened In Jonathan Schmitz’s Murder Case?

Jonathan killed Bernard Amedure on 9 March 1995. He was only 32 years old at the time of his death. According to Bernard’s brother, Scott Amedure, when The Jeny Jones Show advertised their segment, Same-sex crush, where one admits their crush on an unsuspecting person, Bernard went on to the show and divulged feelings for his neighbor, Jonathan.

After he confessed his feeling to the show, the show host, Jeny Jones, called Schmitz to the front and told him that someone secretly had feelings for him. Moreover, their producers also hinted to him that the person is a woman. But, after finding out it was Amedure, he commented, “I’m completely Heterosexual.”

Jonathan Schmitz
Jonathan Schmitz Arrested
Source: Oxygen

Later on, Amedure left a note to Schmitz that was suggestive. Schmitz’s anger crossed its limit, and he went to the bank, took money out, and purchased a shotgun. Then, he went to Amedure’s house and shot him in the chest twice. Amedure’s roommate is the witness to this crime.

Where Is The Jenny Jones Killer, Jonathan Schmitz Now?

After killing Amedure, Jonathan called the police and confessed his crime. Schmitz’s defense claimed that he had a thyroid disorder and manic depression the court. Furthermore, his father, Allyn Schmitz, also said that Jonathan had tried to kill himself before. His first trial was in 1996, and he was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison.

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He appealed again and was found guilty of the crime again in 1999. However, he only served half of his sentence (22 Years) because of his good behavior while in prison. In August 2017, he became a free man. Since then, he has been living a low-key profile. Furthermore, he will turn 21 this coming July.

Jonathan Schmitz
Jonathan Schmitz After Bail
Source: HeightZone

Jonathan Schmitz enjoyed his freedom and saw a pet store in his hometown, Lapeer, Michigan. He wore a red Detroit Redwings t-shirt, white cap, and blue jeans while running his errands. As of now, he is living with his mother and father.

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