Marin Hopper is the daughter of entertainment icons Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward. She is a filmmaker, designer, and successful entrepreneur. Marin has always been creatively multidimensional, raised in a family that blends art, fashion, film, and photography.

In addition, she is best known for her works on Colors (1988), Dudes (1987), and The Saint of Fort Washington (1993). Currently, Marin Hopper is the Manhattan luxury goods showroom Hayward House proprietor.

Who Is Marin Hopper’s Husband?

Marin Hopper and John Goldstone first met at a Los Angeles party. They were good friends. Slowly, their bonding becomes a commitment, and they fall in love. Later, they got married on March 20, 2004, in Beverly Hills, Calif. They are a happy couple living a lavish life.

Marin Hopper and her husband, John Goldstone having some happy hour in Hayward House.
Photo Source: Instagram@Haywardluxury

Moreover, they have been blessed with a daughter named Violet Hayward Goldstone. Marin Hopper and John Goldstone are the power couple behind Hayward Luxury, a leading American-made brand that manufactures luxury handbags.

The bridegroom is a producer and partner in Fort Hill Productions, a company that was recently formed by Matt LeBlanc, the television actor. He graduated from Harvard.

The pair developed a brand in 2015 which reflects Hopper’s glamorous and artistic family style and history. Moreover, they forward the legacy of their parents. Fans are also interested to read about the relationship of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton.

Marin Hopper’s Career And Net Worth

Throughout her career, she has worked in various areas of fashion, design, art, photography, and writing. After working for many companies, she thought of following her family legacy. So, she left her corporate fashion job and started her brand with her beloved husband, John Goldstone. By 2008, Marin launched her handbag line under the name Hayward.

Gorgeous Marin Hopper in her lavish Hayward House.
Photo Source: Instagram@Haywardluxury

She chooses handbags because they have one of the highest profit margins in the luxury sector, and generally, they don’t have fitting issues. Currently, they have two accessory brands, Hayward Luxury and Hopper Goods.

In addition, the duo is looking to produce a film or mini-series based on Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward’s lives in the 1960s. The movie will be a kind of brand origin story that will promote Hayward Luxury and Hopper Goods.

As per networthpost, the net worth of Marin Hopper is estimated as $11 Million. At present, she is the founder of Hayward Luxury. Her primary source of income is her business. She has two accessory brands, Hayward Luxury and Hopper Goods. Also, she had earned lots of dollars from her filmmaking career previously.

Early Life of Marin Hopper

Marin Hopper was born on June 26, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She grew up in the world of fashion, art, and entertainment. Her father, Dennis Hopper, was an American actor, filmmaker, and artist who had a net worth of $40 million.

Marin Hopper’s father. Late legendary actor Dennis Hopper
Photo Source: Instagram@Haywardluxury

Likewise, her mother was a model, then an actress. Further, she was known to be an author and interior designer. In addition, she is the author of a best-selling memoir about her family, Haywire.

Well, knowing about Dennis Hopper, he was a legendary American actor. He had appeared in several films. Additionally, he was a filmmaker and visual artist. He was an active painter and photographer. His work was showcased in various exhibitions such as Washington, D.C, Minneapolis, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Paris.

He married five times in his life. His first wife is Marin’s mother, Brooke Hayward. They had an intense love story. However, they separated in 1969. Also, Know the biography of Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s daughter Taylor Dearden.

Similarly, Dennis married singer and songwriter Michelle Phillips. And, further, he married other three well-known beautiful women. Sadly, he passed away on May 29, 2010, at 74, due to prostate cancer.

Social Media Presence

Marin is not much active on social media. She prefers keeping her private life out of attention. However, she is available on Instagram with around 881 followers. But, the account is personal.

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