Brady Cunningham with her husband, Jason

Facts about Brady Cunningham, Jason Schwartzman’s wife

Brady Cunningham is a popular name among fashionistas. She is one of the most popular American fashion designers and writers, and her outstanding design talents have created a lasting impression. The fashionable woman has also produced some enjoyable writing works. Her personal history, in addition to her work, is fascinating. She has had a passion […]

Fred Glusman smiling towards camera

Fred Glusman

Fred Glusman is a fashion designer from Las Vegas, United States, born in 1932. He is most popular for being the ex-husband of Diahann Carroll, a Hollywood actress and fashion model. The Fashion Designer was raised in a wonderful environment and had a fantastic childhood. He is a citizen of the US and a member […]

Kit Clementine Keenan

Kit Clementine Keenan is a Fashion designer model. She is famous for being the contestant on the reality show “The Bachelor” when her appearance makes her famous with around 40k followers at that time. However, she quit after week 7 of a reality show where her entry was in the 25th season of The bachelor. […]

Gabi Grecko

Gabi Grecko

Gabi Grecko is a model, DJ, and fashion designer who became the cover of Maxim magazine in August 2014 and is also a model with The Diamond Agency. She also has her fashion line called Avant Vamp. Moreover, Grecko was a contestant in the 4th series of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Gabi Grecko’s Biography Gabi […]


Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright is a popular American fashion stylist who is also currently working at Fox Sports. In addition, Danielle Wright came to the spotlight because of her husband, a well-recognized television personality, Nick Wright, on Fox Sports. Nick Wright’s Wife, Danielle Wright For many followers of the stylist, it could be a question of whether […]

Marin Hopper

Marin Hopper is the daughter of entertainment icons Dennis Hopper and Brooke Hayward. She is a filmmaker, designer, and successful entrepreneur. Marin has always been creatively multidimensional, raised in a family that blends art, fashion, film, and photography. In addition, she is best known for her works on Colors (1988), Dudes (1987), and The Saint […]

Davey Havok

Davey Havok is a man of many tastes in the entertainment field. He is a musician, author, advocate, and businessman. Havok is perhaps best known as the front-runner of the alternative rock band AFI. Besides, he is also the lead vocalist of a synth-pop band, Blaqk Audio, a hardcore punk band, XTRMST, and the new […]

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