Menno Versteeg is also a rising star in Canadian Music and sings among many rising musicians. He is famous as the frontman of the indie rock group, Hollerado. Furthermore, his work on Hollerado’s White paint was nominated for Recording Package of the Year in the 2014 Juno Awards. Similarly, he has also worked with other bands such as Anyway Gang.

Menno Versteeg’s Wife, Annie Murphy

Menno Versteeg, the prominent singer and musician, is currently in a happy marital relationship with Annie Frances Murphy, aka Annie Murphy. She is a famous Canadian actress, recognized for her role as Alexis Rose in the CBC sitcom Schitt’s Creek. In a very private wedding ceremony, Menno exchanged the wedding vows with Annie on 20 August 2011.

It has been nine years of their successful marriage, but the couple does not share any children until now. It seems like the two are not ready to be parents for now. However, the duo is sharing a healthy relationship and living a low-key profile life. Similarly, there are also keeping themselves away from unwanted rumors and controversies regarding their love life.

After two years of marriage, the lovey-dovey partner faced a terrifying incident. In 2013, their Toronto apartment burned down. Luckily, both came out alive without any scratches, but they lost most of their belongings in the fire.

Menno Versteeg’s Net Worth

Many people and fans of Menno are interested to know about his earnings and net worth. So, how much is Menno’s net worth as of now? Well, Versteeg’s fortune is around $400,000 to $500,000 as of 2021. Without a doubt, he collected all of his money through his career as a musician and singer.

To date, he has worked with two bands, Hollerado and Anyway Gang. Not to mention, he earned a couple of thousands from tours and lived performances. Besides, he is also a co-owner of a record label, Royal Mountain Records, and enjoys its profit.

Back in 2019, he donated $1500 per band for their mental health. Apart from his fortune, his wife, Annie’s net worth is a massive $3 Million, which she earns through her successful career as an actress. For now, the millionaire couple is enjoying and living a lavish lifestyle.

Furthermore, she played in the television sitcom Schitt’s Creek along with Jennifer Robertson, Tim Rozon, and Catherine O’Hara.

Menno Versteeg’s Career

Menno Versteeg is a Canadian musician best known as the lead singer of the indie rock band Hollerado. At the 2014 Juno Awards, Versteeg was nominated for Recording Package of the Year for his work on Hollerado’s White Paint.

Versteeg joined the Canadian supergroup Anyway Gang in 2018, and they released their first album in November of that year. Reno Tapes, Versteeg’s debut solo album as Mav Karlo, was released on March 9, 2020.

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