The most Intelligent and multitalented person ever lived is surely none other than Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor. They are highly intellectual personalities and famous American Journalists. Ron Lieber is an American journalist for The New York Times, where he writes the “Your Money” column.

Likewise, Jodi Kantor is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for The New York Times.

Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor are undoubted the biggest Journalist names. They are frequently googled on the internet, but how much do you know about Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor’s married life, networth and personal details?

The Marital Status Of Ron Lieber And Jodi Kantor

Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor tied the knot in the year 2002. The duo has been married for nearly 18 years. Also, the team works in the same industry and has been successful in their Journalism career. As of now, the couple is happily residing in New York with their two adorable children.

The duo’s first daughter, Talia, was born in 2006. Likewise, their second daughter, Violet, was born in 2015. Further, the team loves their daughters unconditionally.

Meanwhile, they made great sacrifices for the care of their two daughters. Also, the duo is busy spending their time grooming them, raising them and making them the best.

Moreover, this duo shared an affectionate relationship with their daughters where their unconditional love always remained the same as time went on. You may also read about other famous personalities, such as Chrystal Gbaja Biamila and Vivek Deora.

Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor with their adorable daughter.
Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor with their adorable daughter.
Photo Source: Instagram

The duo shares a nice bonding. Meanwhile, they are lifelong companions who lead an everyday life.

Their relationship is based on a spirit of mutual respect, love, and common progress. Moreover, their relationship has continuously increased the feelings between the two, making their lives more and more ideal.

Also, marriage is a relationship in which two people grow deeper in love the more they get to know each other. Moreover, marriage is a lifelong relationship where the duo can commit daily to love their partners, strengths, and flaws.

The Net Worth Of Ron Lieber And Jodi Kantor

As a talented American journalist, Ron Lieber enjoys a staggering net worth of $1 million. Her net worth is similar to that of an American actress, Olivia Joof. Her main source of income is her professional career as an American Journalist.

He earns quite a hefty salary from The New York Times, where he writes the “Your Money” column. Further, the average salary for a journalist is $47,738 per year in the United States, as per indeed. But, Ron Lieber is an experienced journalist. He might earn more than the average amount.

Jodi Kantor shares a picture with her mother.
Jodi Kantor shares a picture with her mother.
Photo Source: Instagram

Besides, Jodi Kantor is also a Millionaire. She is a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and best-selling author whose work has revealed hidden truths about power, gender, technology, politics and culture.

As of August 2022, she has a net worth of $1 Million. As an investigative reporter at The New York Times, Jodi Kantor earns an annual salary of $150,000.

Moreover, she has proved that she is an excellent person in her field of work. Further, there’s no doubt that she is earning a jaw-dropping amount from her amazing career.

The Career Of Ron Lieber And Jodi Kantor

With an extensive career spanning a decade, Ron Lieber And Jodi Kantor are widely regarded as one of the most talented Journalists of their generation.

In her career of a decade, Kantor has covered major local news stories, political conventions, technology, and gender issues. Further, Kantor has served as the journal’s Arts and Leisure editor. Additionally, she was highly praised for her work, where she covered two presidential campaigns.

Meanwhile, she chronicled the transformation of former USA president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama into the President and First Lady of the United States.

Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor have been married for nearly 18 years.
Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor have been married for nearly 18 years.
Photo Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Lieber began his career in 1993 as a reporter for Lawyers Weekly USA in Boston, a legal newspaper for small law firms. 

His boss inspired him to want to work for The Wall Street Journal by bringing him clippings of Edward Felsenthal’s articles. Later, he moved on to work as a staff reporter for Fast Company and Fortune.

Lieber is highly awarded multiple honors and awards for her reporting. Further, he receives three Gerald Loeb awards for his writing in the “Your Money” column. He previously wrote the “Green Thumb” column for the Wall Street Journal.

Further, he is a hard-working Journalist who is always willing to learn and looks for new ways to grow within himself. Moreover, he is a true personality who will do whatever it takes to accomplish their task and, most importantly, on time.

Social Media Presence Of Ron Lieber And Jodi Kantor

Ron Lieber And Jodi Kantor love to enjoy life to the fullest. They make time to nurture positive relationships with their friends and family.

They often go on special outings and spend quality time with their near ones. Moreover, they have a limited friend with whom they are much more comfortable. They believe in identifying the people who lift them and focusing your energy on them.

Despite being a celebrity figure, she had always avoided the limelight. Meanwhile, the duo had always lived a normal life and was completely silent on the internet. However, Jode Kantor is somehow interactive with her fans and followers.

She is available on her Instagram account with the username @jodikantor. She has a massive fan following on her Instagram account. As of August 2022, she has garnered over 18.9K followers.

Likewise, she also earned a Twitter account. Meanwhile, her Twitter account has garnered over 125.8K followers as of August 2022.

On the other hand, Ron Lieber is hardly found on any social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. However, he is available on his Twitter account with the username @ronlieber. As of August 2022, he has garnered over 36.4K followers.

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