Mio Shirai is a former Japanese professional wrestler and current professional wrestling referee. Alongside her sister Io Shirai, Mio began her career in March 2007 by working for promotions like Ice Ribbon, JWP Joshi Puroresu, and Pro Wrestling Wave on the Japanese independent circuit.

Moreover, she has earned a huge fan following and can print her name as a professional wrestler with her charming beauty and bright wrestling skills. This sweet and bubbling wrestler has always been amazing, but her beauty has won hearts and the most significant number of fans.

In addition, Mio Shirai appeared with fellow wrestlers Kayo Noumi and Takako Inoue in The Brute Educational Institution in 2008. This video with lesbian discipline and catfight themes was released by Attack Zone, a label of Attackers.

Mio Shirai is undoubtedly one of the biggest celebrity wrestlers and is frequently googled on the internet, but how much do you know about Mio Shirai’s networth and personal details?

Who Is Mio Shirai Dating?

Mio Shirai is a married woman. She tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, professional wrestler Tank Nagai on October 16, 2015. On December 31, 2016, Mio announced she was pregnant with the couple’s first child. Later, Mio gave birth to her baby on June 18, 2017.

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Mio Shirai is a Japanese former professional wrestler and current professional wrestling referee.
Mio Shirai is a former Japanese professional wrestler and current professional wrestling referee.
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The duo shares a nice bonding. Meanwhile, they are lifelong companions who lead an everyday life.

Their relationship is based on a spirit of mutual respect, love, and common progress. Moreover, their relationship has continuously increased the feelings between the two, making their lives more and more ideal.

Also, marriage is a relationship in which two people grow deeper in love the more they get to know each other. Moreover, marriage is a lifelong relationship where the duo can commit daily to love their partners, strengths, and flaws.

As of now, Mio is in a blissful marital relationship. Mio and Tank seem to be very private about their marriage.

Both of them were not found very open about their marriage. Both were close friends before the wedding. They love traveling and visiting together. They have similar hobbies like wrestling, biking, skiing, fishing etc. As of now, they are a happily wed couple and are enjoying life to the fullest.

So How Rich Is Mio Shirai?

The talented Mio Shirai has gathered a net worth of $ 2 Million as of August 2022. This includes all of her belongings, money and earnings.

She has amassed her wealth from her successful career as a professional wrestler and a professional wrestling referee. Moreover, she is undoubtedly one of the rising and most expected personality names in the world right now.

Mio Shirai is looking stunning.
Mio Shirai is looking stunning.
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Not only this, but Mio also earns a hefty amount from her association with different brands and commercials.

Further, the details regarding her assets, mansion and cars are still under the radar. Moreover, she has proved that she is an excellent person in her field of work. Further, there’s no doubt that she is earning a jaw-dropping amount from her amazing career.

Mio Shirai Career

Mio began her career alongside her sister, Io Shirai, in March 2007 by working for promotions like Ice Ribbon, JWP Joshi Puroresu, and Pro Wrestling Wave on the Japanese independent circuit.

The Shirais and fellow freelancer Kana formed the Triple Tails stable in June 2010, and as a result, they started doing most of their work for Smash.

Further, Mio and Kana carried on their partnership as Triple Tails. Meanwhile, Mio endorses various brands and collaborates with multiple influencers, including Ice Ribbon, Oz Academy, Pro Wrestling Wave, and Union Pro Wrestling.

At 27, she began acting professionally after leaving professional wrestling due to neck issues in September 2015.

Mio Shirai is a hard-working Japanese professional wrestler who is always willing to learn and looks for new ways to grow within herself. She focuses on growth, knowledge and experience within his professional life.

Meanwhile, she always wants to learn more and keep growing for a better future. Moreover, she is a true personality who will do whatever it takes to accomplish their task and, most importantly, on time.

The Early Life Of Mio Shirai

Mio Shirai was born on February 14, 1988. She grew up in a well-educated Japanese family. She also had an older brother who grew up along with her.

She had a beautiful moment with her beloved brother. Moreover, the wrestler maintains a tight bond with her family and enjoys spending time with them regularly.

Mio Shirai enjoys time with her friends.
Mio Shirai enjoys time with her friends.
Photo Source: Twitter

Further, her zodiac sign is Leo. She belongs to mixed ethnicity, and her nationality is Japanese. Further, she is a gorgeous wrestler with a dashing personality. Also, she prefers to live a tranquil life away from the camera despite being a celebrity figure. Meanwhile, she has always avoided the spotlight.

Physical Appearance And Social Media Presence

The gorgeous Mio is extraordinarily beautiful. Meanwhile, she is a charming girl with perfect hair, amazing eyebrows, and a perfectly streamlined face.

Further, she is cute, cherubic and has a wonderful smile. Her captivating brown eyes spell magic, while her shiny black hair and milky white complexion add pure innocence to her looks.

Similarly, Mio’s fitness and diet routines ensure that she maintains a physically beautiful body. Likewise, her height is 5 feet and 6 inches, and her weight is 59 kg. Meanwhile, she is stunning.

The 5-feet-6-inch tall wrestler loves to enjoy life. She makes time to nurture positive relationships with her friends and family. She often went on a special outing and spent quality time with her near ones.

Moreover, she has a limited friends with whom she is much more comfortable. She believes in identifying the people who lift you and focusing your energy on them.

Despite being a celebrity figure, she has always avoided the spotlight. She prefers to live a tranquil life away from the media. Meanwhile, she is hardly found on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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