Instagram star Rosie Lewis is best known as the younger sister of YouTube FIFA gaming sensation Harry Lewis aka Wrotehsaw. She first became prominent after featuring in one of her brother’s videos titled “Forfeit Football vs. My Sister!” in 2016.

Current Relationship Status

The 20-year-old internet star’s relationship status is quite mysterious among fans. Previously, she used to post pictures with a boy named Will Mason along with emojis like smile and sun, but since May 2017, she hasn’t uploaded any posts with him.

So, she is assumed to be single as of now. 

Rosie and Will Mason from Rosie's Instagram in 201
Rosie and Will Mason from Rosie’s Instagram in 2017.
Source: Instagram@ RosieLewis

Lewis, however, never confirmed her relationship with Will in her posts, but their chemistry speaks enough. Since she stopped posting with Will, fans started speculating about their breakup.

On the other side, many assume they might still be in a relationship because Rosie hasn’t deleted any pictures with him. Nonetheless, the exact truth of their relationship is yet to come. 


The sister of two Josh Lewis and Harry Lewis is regularly subjected to sexist abuse from followers of the Sidemen, following the comments of “do po**.” However, she never lets those negative comments affect her personality and always stands firm against all bullies. 

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Apart from that, once she and her brothers are taunted by their followers as outsiders because of their birthplace, Guernsey is not considered part of the U.K. 

Net worth

Rosie is a rising Instagram star with 348K + followers, and she might earn $2100-$2700 per promotional post. Considering her career graph, her net worth is between $100,000-$200,000.

Rosie Lewis Fiat car
Rosie Lewis Fiat car
Source: Instagram @Rosielewis

Lewis is fond of fancy dresses, shoes, and watches, which she often showcased on her Instagram, and all those goodies cost a thousand bucks. Moreover, she owns a Fiat car worth $5000.

Rosie showing her watch
Rosie showed her watch.
Source: Instagram (@Rosielewis)

On the other hand, her brother, Wroetoshaw, is one of the most popular British YouTubers, with 14.9 million subscribers on his channel, W2S.

He holds a net worth of around $2 million from his youtube gaming career. 


Born on September 1, 1999, in Guernsey, Rosie Lewis is the middle child of Sue Lewis and her husband. She is living with her brother Josh and parents on channel island.

Lewis went to ”Guernsey grammar school and sixth form center” and currently studies at the University of Manchester.

Bonding with her siblings 

Rosie shares healthy bonding with her two brothers, Josh and Harry Lewis, who are popular YouTubers with numerous followers.

She often shares pictures with her big brother on Instagram, which clearly shows their attachment to one another. 

Rosie with her gamer brother Harry Lewis.
Rosie with her gamer brother Harry Lewis.
Source: Instagram (@Rosie Lewis)

Likewise, Rosie’s younger brother is just 17 years old but has already made a career on Youtube. According to Harry, Josh was born on an airport runway.

Body measurement

Rosie posing on a sunny day
Rosie posing on a sunny day
Source:Instagram@ RosieLewis

Rosie stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm and has a beautiful curvy body and brown eyes, and thick lips perfectly fit her cute face. 

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