With experience working in various successful and top-rated films and series, American actor Mark Hamill is undoubtedly the greatest actor of all time. Hamill’s breakthrough came in 1977, playing Luke Skywalker in the space opera film Star Wars.

Mark has successfully acted in the Star Wars sequels and won the Daytime Emmy Awards in ‘Outstanding Perfromer in an Animated Program.’ To date, actor Mark has performed in many movies and TV series that have grabbed public attention and earned well at box offices. The 5-feet-8-inch (185 cm) tall Mark enjoys a net worth of $18 million, approximately as of 2022.

Besides living a successful professional acting life, Mark’s marital life is also exemplary in Hollywood Entertainment Industry. Unlike other Hollywood stars, Hamill is in a longtime marital relationship with the same woman he met in his mid-20s. Get the details of Mark, and his wife, Marilou York‘s wedding live in the following sections.

Mark Hamill Met Marilou York At Dental Office

We have heard most celebrities, especially those involved in the field of acting, meet their real-life partners on the set of films or at parties. Unlike others, the Family Guy actor Mark found his partner for life, Marilou York, at the dentist’s office in Los Angeles.

The American actor Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars met his now-wife, Marilou York at the dental office
Image: The American actor Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, met his now-wife, Marilou York, at the dental office.
Source: Instagram @markhamill

The exact date of Hamill and York’s first meeting is unclear. But Mark was already gaining fame for Star Wars when he met Marilou, a dental hygienist. Mark and Marilou did not take much time to start a relationship, and they went on a movie date to see Annie Hall (1977).

However, after the succession of Star Wars, Mark’s celebrity feelings came over their relationship. He chooses to live in stardom and limelight, which results at the end of his beautiful romantic affair with Marilou. But the separation was temporary; York “thought [she] was good for him, so [she] was hoping [they’d] get back together.” Later, Mark and Marilou reunited after he wished for “something to hold onto and a family.

They Married In 1978

After rekindling the relationship, Mark and Marilou did not wait much to take their relationship to the next level. The actor and former dental hygienist married in Malibu on December 17, 1978.

Photo: Mark Hamill and Marilou York has been in a solid marital relationship since December 17, 1978
Source: Instagram @markhamill

Hamill and York walked down the wedding aisle in a private ceremony held in their home’s backyard in the presence of their close ones.

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Since the wedding day, The Sandman actor Mark has been living a healthy and blissful wedding life with Marilou. Mr and Mrs Hamill are celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary this December 2022. This powerful married duo still shares a comfortable marital bond and is an inspirational pair for all.

Mark Hamill Parenting Three Kids With His Wife

From the marital solidarity, the Fantastic Four actor Mark and his beloved wife Marilou shared three adorable children. They welcomed their first kid, a son, Nathan Hamill, on June 25, 1979.

Mark Hamill with his wife Marilou York Hamil and daughter Chelsea Elizabeth Hamill (left)
Snap: Mark Hamill with his wife Marilou York Hamil and daughter Chelsea Elizabeth Hamill (left)
Source: Instagram @chealseahamill

Similarly, their second son Griffin Tobias Hamill was born on March 4, 1983. Likewise, Mark and Marilou became parents for the third time on July 27, 1988, welcoming daughter Chelsea Elizabeth Hamill.

The Hamill siblings also decided to pursue their careers as actors. Mark’s elder son Nathan has acted in Star Wars Episode I, Star Wars Episode VIII, Earth Day, Weasel Town, etc. Also, the 43 aged Nathan has worked in the art department of Weasel Town, Office Ninja, and D-Tour: A Tenacious Documentary.

Mark Hamill with his three kids, Nathan Hamill (right), Griffin Hamill, and Chealsea Hamill
Picture: Mark Hamill with his three kids, Nathan Hamill (right), Griffin Hamill, and Chelsea Hamill
Source: Instagram @chelseahamill

Likewise, Mark and Marilou’s daughter, Chelsea, 34, has made her appearance in The Big Bang Theory and Star Wars: Episode VIII-The Last Jedi. Furthermore, the 39-years-old Griffin has also performed in Star Wars: Episode VIII and the short film Silent Night.

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