Bob Proctor was a Canadian Best Selling author. His self-help book,You Were Born Rich (1984),’ is famous all across the globe. Similarly, Proctor is also remembered for contributing to the pseudoscientific documentary film The Secret (2006).

The former CEO of Proctor Gallagher Institute, Bob, died on February 3, 2022, at 87. His books and motivational speeches are taken as life lessons even after his demise. Geoffrey Walter Edelsten is also no more in the world. In the following sections, let’s find out his net worth and earnings during his career.

Bob Proctor Had A Net Worth Of $20 Million.

Bob had an impressive net worth of $20 million at the time of his death. He collected these whooping sums of wealth from his more than 3-decade long writing career. And being a self-help author and lecturer.

The author, Bob’s books, have good reviews and are also best-selling. His top-selling books include, such as The Art of Living (kindle price $11.99), The ABCs of Success (kindle price $13.85), The Secret of the Science of Getting Rich (kindle price $11.49), and others.

Image: The ‘You Were Born Rich’ Canadian author, the motivational speaker, had a net worth of $20 million at the time of his death on February 3, 2022
Source: Instagram @proctorgallagher

Besides being an author, Bob also collected wealth as a motivational speaker and lecturer. He earned through speeches related to The Law Of Attraction, Goal Achievement and Succession, Life Lessons, and others. Similarly, he and attorney Sandy Gаllаgher co-founded Proctor Gallagher Institute in 2002.

The Secret: Law Of Attraction Teacher

As mentioned above, Bob is famous for expressing his views on the 2006 self-help film The Secret. Rhonda Bryne wrote the movie. Similarly, it was produced by Paul Harrington and Rhonda under a $3.5 million budget. Moreover, the film collected $65.6 million.

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In the docu-film, The Secret, many professionals, philosophers, and others questioned the Law of Attraction and other topics. Bob Proctor was also the one who answered his opinions on ‘The Law Of Attraction.’

Photo: Bob Proctor explained the “Law Of Attraction” in the 2006 documentary film The Secret
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As per Proctor,

The Law of Attraction is secondary. Thinking that you can attract what you think about is a bunch of nonsense. That’s not true at all. You do attract what you think about, but your thought patterns control the vibration you’re in.  if you keep on positively thinking about things, it activates your brain’s cells on a higher frequency.”

Bob’s explanation of The Law Of Attraction is also found in the video shared by Proctor Gallagher Institute on their Youtube channel.

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